Over half of adults currently under 65 will be diagnosed with cancer.1


The number of cancer diagnoses is expected to rise by around 70% in the next 20 years.2


The global economy would benefit by approximately $1.16 trillion every year if we were to eradicate cancer.3





Western Oncolytics

Western Oncolytics develops novel immuno-oncolytic therapies for cancer based on avaccina viruse platform. The pipeline is not only directly oncolytic but modifies the tumor micro-environment and recruits the immune system in to clean up residual disease.

The company are the creators of vaccinia viruses. These specifically target cancer cells and recruit the immune system to clear tumors.

These treatments have shown promise in early laboratory research and have already demonstrated their value to patients in clinical trials.

Western Oncolytics expect their therapies to extend the lives of patients, or result in complete remission, across a wide range of cancer types, while avoiding the severe side effects that are common in current cancer therapies.

They’re using the most sophisticated science to give life and hope to cancer patients.


MS2 Array

MS2 Array is a biopharmaceutical company using a proprietary platform to develop a novel composition of matter, aiming for previously undruggable targets in cancer.

Drug discovery programs can be accelerated by improving the quality of high throughput screening (HTS) campaigns. MS2 Array's proprietary high-throughput mass spectrometry (HT-MS) technology transforms HTS by elevating it from data accumulation to information gathering.

Compared to traditional light-based assay methods, MS2 Array offers richer information, fewer false signals and greater physiological relevance.

By increasing the quality of HTS output, MS2 Array allows drug discovery teams to identify and confirm higher quality hits faster, with greater confidence, and at lower cost and effort. This can result in actionable information earlier in the discovery process.


Navio Theragnostics

Navio Theragnostics are a next-generation cancer care pathway company. They’re working in partnership with Carnegie Mellon University (the #1 computer science school in the world) and using machine learning  to create a personalized combination of ‘Total Therapy’.



Aueon are a biotechnology company focused on providing early cancer diagnostic tests to appropriately select the most effective chemotherapeutic agents.



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