There are several sources of funding available and maturing through LifeX Capital.

The current portfolio has been financed by a diverse syndicate of top-tier investors from our network.

Our Seed Fund will soon offer early stage investment to start-up organizations, while the envisioned Growth Fund will deploy at-scale financing to larger businesses.



Raising significant capital in an organization’s infancy can be challenging and the Seed Fund was designed to overcome this.

It’s a business opportunity, allowing investors to make a positive difference to the world.

The LifeX Seed Fund will finance start-up companies to position them for growth. Companies accepted into the LifeX Portfolio will be eligible to pitch for Seed funding.

The success of an innovative new health solution requires a range of support services and documentation that LifeX provides. This is not only vital for driving towards eventual market adoption, but promises to ‘do the thinking’ for investors, so they can see a clear path forward. First close is expected by end of summer 2018.




The LifeX Growth fund is being architected to deploy series A–D scale investments linked to strategics, growth capital, private equity, sovereign funds, bankers and partners for M&A.

The fund will be guided by GPs who know how to build and operate companies, and complemented by an expansive KOL network.  We will also gain market insight from regional consumer and clinical partners, including other clinical providers.

We will build-up and support the development of each business with key operational and Board of Director roles, and recruit world-class management talent.

While the funding would be San Francisco and Pittsburgh-based, the fund will actively syndicate across the globe with other VCs and strategics.





The LifeX Portfolio is a who's who of pioneering companies at the forefront of tackling unmet needs around the globe and demonstrates our expertise and ability to identify and nurture a scientific innovation and transform it into viable commercial success.