LifeX Labs is a purpose-built space for collaboration, creating a culture of excellence and resilience, mentoring, expanding networks and company building.


Exceptional start-up companies are invited to move their operations to our foundry in Pittsburgh. Here, companies realize their vision, hone their skills and gather momentum to bring their products to the marketplace.

There is an application process to gain acceptance into the Labs program, a transparent ‘healthy company checklist’ against which companies are evaluated, and decisions made by our Active Management Group.

There’s a carefully curated program of support, assisting with everything needed to build a significant company including company formation, recruiting, financing, operations, commercial operations, partnering, exit and more.

The labs are where pioneering science meets commercial expertise. It's where we nurture the next generation of biotechnology companies.  




Every start-up considered for the LifeX Labs goes through a thorough evaluation process using our “healthy company checklist” and a team evaluation (see links above).


We're looking for groundbreaking ideas that have the potential to meet a global unmet health need.

Our key areas of focus include: